New Games for a New Century - Part 2

Tim Grant and Professor Gordon Hewitt — 31 March 2021
Digital Market Infrastructure, Digital Economics and Digital Competition in Dynamic, Complex, Adaptive Markets

Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, one of the hottest topics on the global business conference calendar was the meaning and impact of “digital”, especially in traditional firms. Often that issue was taken down to the level of corporate support functions such as Human Resources or Marketing and Customer Relationship Management. Now that corporate debates have moved online during the pandemic, focus on this topic has intensified as it has become clear that there is no simple, single or generally accepted answer across a wide range of firms and industries.

In our first article we set the stage by declaring the need for a new 21st century mindset that will drive digital transformation. In this second article in our series, we will build on our concept of Digital Market Infrastructure (DMI) as the essence of what defines SIX Digital Exchange and relate it to...

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