On the 23rd and 24th of October 2019, R3 hosted its flagship event, CordaCon, in London. In those two days, more than 800 industry leaders, technologist and business representatives came together to discuss the key trends in blockchain, discuss use cases and present their projects build on Corda.

SDX, as one of the main partners of R3, attended the conference and presented its latest release and a view behind the curtain. On stage, Sven Roth, Chief Digital Officer and responsible for establishing the SDX platform, explained how SIX is shaping the future of value exchange. SDX will cover the entire value chain, from trading to settlement, and custody. Relying on the expertise and the strength of SIX, SDX has all the key capabilities to create a regulated and trustworthy solution not only for Switzerland, but globally.

Live at CordaCon, Sven Roth presented the prototype that was launched at the end of September. People could see how the SDX platform will work and how the implementation covers the full securities value chain including order entry, order crossing in the matching engine, Delivery vs. Payment settlement on the Corda DLT and last but not least, distributed holdings of intermediated securities as well as distributed holdings of tokenized cash were visualized in the distributed portal.

During the afternoon, conversations with different participants made clear that the industry as a whole is struggling with finding the right path towards the future and they are looking for a first mover like SDX to guide the way. Collaboration was at the center of every discussion. It is clear that the industry has to work together to harness the full power of Distributed Ledger Technology to be able to move towards the exchange of value. It again became clear that it is crucial to build the future together as a growing ecosystem.