More than 100 guests attended the meet-up “Cryptovalley meets SDX” in Zug on 15 October 2018 to learn more about the plans of SIX and SIX Digital Exchange (SDX). Valerio Roncone, Head Product Management and Development for Securities & Exchanges, SIX, provided some insight into the strategic considerations and motivations of SIX in tackling a project like SDX. Ivo Sauter and Sven Roth of SDX showed the technological and strategic decisions that have been made so far to make SDX a reality.

The attendees had a variety of backgrounds from business, technology/development and finance along with entrepreneurs. They were not afraid to ask numerous questions, which helped ignite an exciting exchange of ideas.

Along with technology questions, there were also discussions about regulatory issues and the selection of business partners. Some patience is required with regard to the regulatory framework, licenses or information on which blockchain those responsible would select, as discussions and negotiations on these issues are still continuing.

The attendees at the event were already able to meet a new partner: Stephan Wippermann, CEO, and Remo Stieger, Executive Chairman, of the pre-ICO start-up PassOn AG. SIX only recently acquired a minority stake in PassOn AG, a start-up for digital inheritance and estate planning.

Building a digital ecosystem for the future

SIX Digital Exchange will be the first market infrastructure in the world to offer a fully integrated end to end trading, settlement and custody service for digital assets. The service will provide a safe environment for issuing and trading digital assets, and enable the tokenization of existing securities and non-bankable assets to make previously untradeable assets tradeable.

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