What is an IDO?

An Initial Digital Offering (IDO), most commonly referred to as Security Token Offering (STO), is an innovative way to safely crowd finance ventures or fund established companies through means of digital assets and list them on SIX Digital Exchange.

SDX is setting a new standard in the digital asset space to clearly differentiate itself from the unregulated market of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), while also setting higher quality standards for listed assets than the current security token offering market.

To serve the entire value chain in capital markets, SDX taps into the primary market with a client portal connected to a robust issuance platform in order to automate the issuance and listing process of equities.

SDX is building on the reputation of being the key infrastructure provider for the financial ecosystem and facilitates the adoption of distributed ledger technology not only for small and medium enterprises but also for multinational corporations.


The requirements for companies looking to do an IDO are not yet defined in all detail and will be communicated as soon as they have been developed in accordance with regulation.

It is not possible to sign up for an IDO at this point in time yet. Please just follow us on our communication channels. This assures that you will learn first about our latest developments.