• Within a very short period of time new products can be created, listed and traded on a regulated marketplace,
  • Synchronously with the exchange of any goods and money is the update of ownership in the warehouse – the trade handshake is also finality of the movement.
  • Incorporating goods ownership with lifecycle management provides for seamless event management

Please note that SDX is not intending to offer any such products of its own. SDX will be operating a trading infrastructure for such products and will be offering IDO services in the future.


Primary Market Services (IDO)

An Initial Digital Offering (IDO), most commonly referred to as Security Token Offering (STO), is an innovative way to crowd finance ventures or fund established companies through means of digital assets and list them on SIX Digital Exchange.

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New Digital Tokens

SDX will enable regulated institutions to trade tokens which are not yet existing within the market today. This will include funds, structured and other products.

Tokenisation of Existing Assets

Assets currently traded on other markets can be tokenised and made available for trading on the SDX platform. This typically includes equities and debt products like trade finance or bonds.

Non-bankable Assets

What is today called alternative or non-bankable assets such as real estate, art or commodities is made tradable through tokenisation on the SDX platform.