Various categories of security tokens shall be listed on SDX. Listing rules and requirements will initially follow established SIX guidelines. For equities and participation notes, SDX will define regulatory segments for Swiss and international reporting standards. Special standards and exceptions shall be defined to support the listing of young companies. More information can be found on the page Initial Digital Offerings.


SDX offers its participants to trade all products listed on the SDX platform. Trading will follow the established SIX principles to ensure fairness, transparency and efficiency. Whilst initially, trading hours will follow established SIX guidelines, in a second step, SDX will offer 24/7 trading hours to ensure a truly global market for digital assets.

Clearing & Settlement

Clearing & settlement on the SDX platform differentiates itself from the traditional world in a significant way. SDX supports atomic settlement and therefore eliminates the need for collateral management and clearing. 

Asset Servicing

Asset servicing on SDX is an industry disruptor, formerly referred to as custody. SDX gradually offers all standard elements of asset servicing including asset life cycle management, corporate actions, tax and reporting services. What is truly differentiating is the use of smart contracts to automate a high proportion of it for both SIX/SDX as well as banking clients. With the option to directly access beneficial owner accounts, SDX can act as an asset servicing utility provider for its clients and enable them to focus on their value-adding services. Additionally, SDX acts as a gatekeeper, registrar and notary.


SDX ensures uninterrupted access and secure storage of assets on its platform and therefore under its custody. The SDX DLT offers the possibility for SDX clients to become their own custodian via DLT node hosting services.