In our view, the next generation of financial services is all about building and connecting networks of value. These new models are best supported by a distributed architecture. At its core, the SDX market platform is built on Corda distributed ledger technology and is designed to support end-to-end and fully integrated digital asset trading, settlement and custody service.

A fully integrated offering in a model where asset ownership is distributed allows us to leverage technology to unlock value that has not been accessible in legacy market models. SDX will operate a network of member nodes that facilitates the exchange of value between members. Each node will offer a set of services that corresponds to the specific role of the member. The integrity and consistency of the network is guaranteed trough notary nodes managed by SDX with regulatory oversight. More than just a distributed ledger solution, we are reviewing all aspects of operating a market in a distributed model. This applies to data management and messaging strategies as well as deployment, operations and security controls.

As a financial technology company, we focus on the following architectural tenants:


is a core principal that drives many architectural and process design decisions. We move from centralised and isolated ledgers to one single source of the truth. Our members can gradually take advantage of the network and increase process efficiency leveraging the information that is available to them. In addition, we are not only leveraging the SDX network as one source of truth, but also distribute ownership of the assets to allow a real transfer of value between our members.


We hold ourselves to the highest standard of reliability. Everything we do is based on a solid foundation of understanding what it takes to build and operate systemically important software platforms. 


The platform must support known regulatory control requirements. A regulator must have visibility and capability to identify, evaluate and correct suspicious activity. SDX acts as gatekeeper, notary and controls the access and security of the platform as fully regulated financial market infrastructure.

Digital Assets



The SDX platform will operate on the basis of fully digital assets and tokenised cash which allows us to deliver assets vs payment instantly via atomic settlement to ensure legal finality. This solid technical foundation allows us to introduce new models that will support riskless trading and fully automate complex asset servicing processes.