Digital Value Exchange

At SDX, we believe that in the future all value transfer is digital. And we are the ones who build and run the infrastructure for it – today. One that takes full advantage of new technologies to improve established standards. For a new generation of global market-place that redefines the way value is exchanged.

With the SIX Digital Exchange, SIX follows its purpose of building bridges. We are in a key position to connect tomorrow's financial market infrastructure with today’s.

The Swiss Way

  • Leaving nothing to chance

    The Swiss like to have things under control. SIX is one of the only companies in the world that handles every step of the value chain of its country's financial marketplace, end-to-end. This, combined with managing payments for the Swiss National Bank, puts SIX in a globally unique position.

  • a history of disruption

    Switzerland is ranked the N° 1 innovative country in the world for the 8th year in a row and we have a track record to back it up. Like in 1996, when SIX introduced electronic trading, profoundly disrupting the stock exchange industry for good.

  • tightly regulated

    FINMA, the Swiss regulator, has set extremely high benchmarks. Switzerland has only one CCP, one CSD and one company running payments for its national bank. All of that is SIX. The FINMA has only issued 7 FMI licenses. SIX holds 6 of them.

  • Accountable

    We are the backbone of the whole Swiss financial system. Switzerland is the only country in the world that has outsourced its own payment system. To us. On top of that, we store close to 100% of all certificates of Swiss stocks in existence in our vault.

  • gateway to europe

    Switzerland is located at the heart of Europe. Our stock exchange is N° 3 in Europe by IPO transaction volume and N° 4 in market capitalisation, with 96% of all CCP transactions coming from outside of Switzerland. 27 countries have their retail payment systems run by SIX. And Switzerland is renowned for its highly skilled, international workforce.

  • strong stable solid

    Switzerland is stable, socially and politically as well as financially. The Swiss franc is the global go-to currency in times of crisis. And – as an aside – SIX owns and operates one of the most advanced vaults in the world, known as “Switzerland’s Fort Knox”.

  • big business

    The most capitalized company in Europe (Nestlé, January 2019) is on the Swiss stock exchange, alongside industry giants like Roche, Novartis, Credit Suisse, UBS and many more. 2 out of the 6 biggest European mega-IPOs (>1bn €) in 2018 came out of the Swiss stock exchange.

  • globally leading marketplace

    SIX is among Europe’s leading exchanges with approx. 5 bn CHF daily turnover and more than 130 members. Switzerland is the global leader in cross-border wealth management, domiciling 2.3 tn. USD of assets. Europe’s N° 1 companies in the sectors pharma, industrial machinery and food products and N° 2 in biotechnology and asset management are listed on the Swiss stock exchange.

  • here to stay

    The financial industry is a key pillar of the Swiss economy, accounting for 9% of the Swiss GDP, which is the third highest percentage globally. The Swiss stock exchange capitalisation is bigger than the Swiss economy. We have the long-term commitment of a whole nation behind us.

  • best execution

    Our market share in SMI titles was around 70% in 2018. For more than 80% of the time, we realise the biggest tradable volumes at the best price for SMI titles. Our bid-ask spread on the Swiss stock exchange is 0.4 basis points tighter than that of our nearest competitor.