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Digital bonds revolutionize traditional bond issuance and trading by leveraging the power of Distributed Ledger Technology. With digital bonds, the entire bond lifecycle, from issuance to settlement, is digitized, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency. 

As a fully regulated marketplace, SDX combines the security and oversight of a traditional exchange with the advantages of blockchain technology. Our platform facilitates end-to-end digitization of the bond lifecycle. From issuance to secondary market trading and settlement, we ensure seamless, secure, and transparent processes.

Our commitment to regulatory compliance ensures a trusted environment for digital bond transactions. We work closely with regulatory authorities to ensure that our platform meets the highest standards of integrity, investor protection, and market stability.

By choosing SDX for your digital bond issuance, organizations can harness the advantages of blockchain technology while enjoying the benefits of a regulated marketplace. Our platform enables efficient capital raising, enhanced liquidity, and streamlined processes, ultimately driving growth and success for market participants.

SIX Digital Exchange Explained

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SDX Aims at Simplifying the Value Chain, Drive Efficiency Gains and Reduce Cost Over Time


CSD on Distributed Ledger Technology

Our Central Securities Depository (CSD) runs on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), which is the heart of the digital market infrastructure of the future. While drawing from elements seen in the crypto world, this system presents distinct nuances. It’s fully regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA, and it operates on a private permissioned network and a need-to-know basis for its members, such as banks and securities firms. It also ensures backwards integration to the existing market infrastructure by SIX Group. So that syndicate banks together with their clients can issue native digital bonds based Swiss securities law that can also live in the traditional world. Digital bonds can settle against tokenized CHF on chain, where they are securely stored in cryptographic wallets for end investors.

Banks and Securities Firms Acting as Gateway for Issuers and Investors to Access the Digital World


Moody's Digital Bonds Report

Moody’s Investors Service highlights the growing momentum of digital bond issuances spearheaded by public entities and banks!​

SIX Digital Exchange is playing a significant role in this transformative journey. As the digital bond market evolves, it has the potential to diversify investor bases, introduce innovative features, and create a more efficient ecosystem. While challenges remain, the progress made by SDX, and other market participants signals a promising future for adopting digital bonds in the financial landscape.

Moody’s Digital Bonds Report

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Sector in-depth 10 August 2023
Swiss Digital Bonds Benefit from Favorable Existing and Adapted Federal Laws

Euro-Denominated Bonds

SDX is expanding its services to include euro-denominated bonds. This means that it will allow the issuance and listing of digital native bonds denominated in EUR on the platform and in the near future, will expand the offering to include existing EUR-denominated bonds that can be tokenized. This means that they can potentially tokenize almost any EUR-denominated bond that exists.

One notable advantage of digital bonds in the EUR-denominated bond market is the mitigation of settlement risks. In this market, trades are typically settled bilaterally without involving central counterparties. By leveraging the platform’s instant settlement capabilities, counterparties can trade bonds with each other, even if they are unknown to one another, without facing settlement risks. This is a significant improvement made possible by the technology and can bring greater efficiency and security to the market.

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