SIX Digital Exchange innovation Initiative

Wholesale CBDC

Our Innovation Initiative with BIS Innovation Hub and the Swiss National Bank

At SIX Digital Exchange we believe that wholesale Central Bank Digital Currency (wholesale CBDC) can facilitate the adoption of digital assets. We have been working in collaboration with the Swiss National Bank (SNB), the BIS Innovation Hub (Swiss Centre), and market participants to investigate the implications of wCBDC on the financial industry.

Our aim at SDX – together with our partners from the financial industry – is to explore the benefits of new technical solutions and implement an integrated issuance, trading and settlement and safekeeping platform for digital assets so that the industry can carry out its transactions even more safely and efficiently in the future.

A key element to empowering such a future is central bank digital currency (CBDC). Wholesale CBDC is a critical lever for the safe and efficient settlement of payments and securities. 

The outstanding collaboration between SIX, the BIS Innovation Hub and the Swiss National Bank over the past years has resulted in successful projects and provided the industry with deeply valuable insights.

Read the official reports on Project Helvetia, the first project that confirms that it is possible to settle tokenized assets in central bank money; or Project Jura where cross border settlements using wholesale CBDC were examined, or the most recently completed Project Helvetia Phase II which expanded on the practical complexities, legal questions and policy implications of issuing wCBDC.

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