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Why List with SIX Digital Exchange

Listing on the SIX Digital Exchange (SDX) offers numerous advantages for companies seeking to enter the digital asset market. As a regulated digital asset trading platform operated by SIX Group, a renowned financial market infrastructure provider in Switzerland, SDX provides an ideal environment for companies to leverage the benefits of digital asset exposure.


SDX operates under the supervision of Switzerland’s financial market regulator, FINMA. Listing on SDX provides issuers with the assurance of a compliant and well-regulated marketplace, ensuring investor protection and market integrity.


SDX’s digital exchange platform facilitates secondary market trading of listed securities, creating liquidity and fostering price discovery. Listing on SDX can enhance the marketability of digital securities, providing issuers and investors with greater flexibility and potential for value realization.


SDX leverages cutting-edge blockchain technology and smart contracts to enable secure and transparent transactions. Issuers can harness the benefits of distributed ledger technology, such as immutability, data integrity, and automation, to optimize their digital securities operations.


SDX provides issuers with access to a global network of institutional investors, expanding their reach beyond traditional markets. By listing on SDX, issuers can tap into a diverse investor base, including institutional investors, asset managers, and qualified individuals interested in digital securities.


SDX actively collaborates with industry partners, market participants, and its current members to build a robust market structure for digital assets. By listing on SDX, issuers become part of a collaborative ecosystem that is shaping the future of digital securities, benefiting from collective expertise and fostering innovation.


SDX offers end-to-end solutions for digital securities issuance, settlement, servicing, and custody. By leveraging SDX’s platform, issuers can benefit from streamlined processes, reduced administrative burden, and enhanced operational efficiency throughout the entire lifecycle of their digital securities.

Digital Native Bonds on SDX

Digital bonds can be listed, traded and settled on a regulated digital exchange and can also be settled & cleared in a traditional settlement system.

0.125 SIX 26

CHF 100mn

2.33 UBS 25

CHF 375mn

1.625 Lugano 29

CHF 100mn

Why onboard now

Full integrated value chain

Gain access to the full integrated value chain of digital assets from issuance, listing, trading, settlement, asset servicing and custody offered by SDX

Be a pioneer in the innovation journey

Connect to next generation Digital Market Infrastructure and be a pioneer in the innovation journey to simplify, modernize and reduce the risk and cost associated with trading and post-trade

Reduce complexity

Change the way you interact with an exchange and CSD and gradually reduce complexity and the operating costs of post-trade by leveraging automation and smart features of DLT-based securities tokens.

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