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SIX Digital Exchange provides a comprehensive platform serving the unique demands of both private equity and public equity. Private equity, designed for accelerated growth within a digital ecosystem, is seamlessly facilitated, while public equity finds an avenue for capital raising on our digital exchange. Our solution optimizes issuance, enhances tradability, and management processes, ensuring efficiency across the board. SDX empowers you with advanced technology and a trusted ecosystem for your equity endeavors.

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Latest Insights

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) announced the continuation of the Helvetia Pilot focusing on tokenized securities settlement on SIX Digital Exchange (SDX) in Swiss franc digital central bank money for financial market participants (known as wholesale central bank digital currency – wCBDC).
SDX is pleased to announce additions to its Board of Directors; independent non-executive directors (INEDs) Andrew Peel, CFA and Bertrand Perez, in addition to Bjørn Sibbern, Global Head Exchanges at SIX.