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SDX products & services

Your gateway to digital bonds


The future of bonds is digital - join us at SDX!

- Gain access to the fully integrated value chain of digital assets
- Connect to next generation Digital Market Infrastructure and be a pioneer in the innovation journey
- Change the way you interact with an exchange and CSD and gradually reduce complexity

SIX Digital Exchange - Introduction to Digital Securities


SIX Digital Exchange is the world's first fully regulated digital exchange and central securities depository. You can issue, trade, and secure your bonds, equities, tokens on one, single, reliable and trusted DLT-based offering. As a trader, broker-dealer, banker or corporate this is the perfect moment to look hard at the world of Digital Assets.

SIX Digital Exchange - Introduction to Private Markets for Equity


The funding journey of new companies is expensive, inefficient, highly intermediated and driven by manual processes. Find out how private companies can benefit from an ecosystem that supports companies on their funding journeys and reduces the complexities and inefficiencies of issuing private equity.

SIX Digital Exchange - Introduction to SME segment


Find out how SMEs can benefit from SDX with a simplified value chain, efficiency gains and cost reductions over time. Integrated CSD and Exchange - efficiency gains and cost savings along the value chain. All based on DLT.

SDX Web3 - Introduction to Custody


Designed for institutional clients who want to scale their Crypto Asset business leveraging best-in-class back-end services and capabilities.

SDX Web3 - Introduction to Staking Services


Designed for institutional clients who need to scale their own Ethereum staking capability. SDX Web3 staking is a technology infrastructure solution allowing businesses to participate in secure, efficient, and cost-effective Ethereum non-custodial staking.

SIX Digital Exchange explained - watch our short video!

The Digital Market Infrastructure of the future is based on Distributed Ledger Technology. Find out how it all works.