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Private Equity

Grow Your Company in Faster in a Digital Ecosystem

Increasing Private Companies’ Investability

Private equity is becoming more attractive as a source of funding for small businesses, as well as for growth companies who recognize the advantages of remaining in the private market longer, avoiding the pressure of going public and preserving their autonomy.

The private market ecosystem is fragmented, and most market participants are not benefiting from a network effect. These factors contribute to a higher barrier to entry to investors and limits their access to new opportunities.

SDX is building a digital ecosystem to support private companies in their funding journey, reducing the complexities and inefficiencies of issuing private equity and improving access to new capital, while giving investors more transparency and an enhanced investment experience.

Automation Benefits of DLT Blockchain Technology

Real time

Data are propagated across the network instantaneously


Elimination of many time-intensive pain points of early-investing and fundraising

Easy to manage

Issuers and investors can allocate more resources to their business activities

Brings people closer

DLT narrows the distance between investors and founders, fostering a closer and regular dialogue

For Small and Growth Companies

The adoption of DLT technologies provides better tools for raising private capital

For Private Equity Investors

SDX provides the infrastructure to reduce the distance between investors and capital opportunities

For Small and Growth Companies

The Adoption of DLT Technologies Provides Better Tools for Raising Private Capital

  • DLT creates an entire company timeline, where the legal title chain matches every financial transaction carried out by the issuer
  • The complexity of chain-of-title is now managed by the system
  • Easily reportable and transferable digital shares available in the banking system
  • Exposure to multiple investors
  • Eliminate unnecessary steps in the value chain
  • Easing of administrative activities through an Automated Share registry
  • Scale your company quickly and efficiently
  • Automation of administrative activities of the share issuance and the ongoing share management
  • DeFi reduces the need for collateral when transacting on a peer-to-peer basis
  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced exposure among investors
  • Pitch the right investors
  • Build credibility with investors faster
  • Reduced perceived risks of investing in early-stage companies

For Private Equity Investors

SDX Provides the Infrastructure to Reduce the Distance between Investors and Capital Opportunities

  • A company’s certificates, fundraising and corporate actions are logged and made instantly available to investors
  • Documentation is automatically propagated to investors
  • Highly structured information is provided to investors
  • Lower investment risks
  • Shorten the custody chain
  • Assets are transferable across different block chains
  • Custodians of digital assets are more effective in servicing investors’ assets
  • Custodian banks can update their client’s portfolios automatically immediately after the private placement
  • Securities are available in the banking system and a complete view of your holdings is provided
  • Automated maintenance process on DLT systems
  • Asset traceability over all custody locations
  • Provision of professional and safe & immutable storage of ownership
  • Transparency and accuracy of data
  • Less risky investments

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